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The Other Half

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

We finally got back to the Econ, and and I finally kept my promise to paddle the second half of the trail. I prefer the cooler time of the year for such expeditions, so we didn't camp out, and we brought what I thought was good supply of water, but it didn't last the 11 miles. Our entry point was at Snow Hill Road, so we drove to the extraction point, dropped off my wife's car, and she road with us to Snow Hill, then drove my car back to swap with hers. Lily and I hit the water at about 8 am.


I love the Econ for it's many beaches along the way; the canoe can be rather cramped, so stops allow plenty of chances to stretch one's legs and explore.

We did some fishing and I managed 4 bass on top water. Lily threw a Rooster tail for a few minutes and caught this gar. It wasn't the easiest of bites and after she broke off on some branches, she was done fishing. We did see several Gheenoes and what a perfect boat for this lower end, if you launch at SR 46. Most of these guys were flipping soft baits, throwing clothes pin spinners, and one pair of anglers was alternating these approaches with a fly rod.


The end of the trail is open pasture land and lots of shallows. The bank is scared with hundreds of catfish dens from times of higher water, and the face of it is hard like clay, baked in this relentless sun. We chased a snake out here and he disappeared, probably inside these dens. If you look behind Lily, you can see the SR. 46 bridge that crosses the St. John's River. This is our extraction point, and it looks so close, but because of the bends in the Little Econ it is still a paddle away. If you haven't done this yet, I totally recommend it and suggest you bring plenty of water and sun screen. I find the bass fishing in here better in the fall and spring, but the summer is a good time for catching big cats in both Econ and Saint John's.


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