"Potato Eating"

Apopka, in the Seminole language, means Potato eating people, of course, but some translate it "trout eating". There are, however, no trout that I am aware of in the lake, being that they prefer much cooler water. There are native Large mouth bass, catfish, sunfish of several varieties, crappie and sunshine bass. Another project for photography class, and as we move at the speed of the bird watchers, we find many a lovely subject. There must have been a hundred birders out th

The Other Half

We finally got back to the Econ, and and I finally kept my promise to paddle the second half of the trail. I prefer the cooler time of the year for such expeditions, so we didn't camp out, and we brought what I thought was good supply of water, but it didn't last the 11 miles. Our entry point was at Snow Hill Road, so we drove to the extraction point, dropped off my wife's car, and she road with us to Snow Hill, then drove my car back to swap with hers. Lily and I hit the wat

Blue Springs with Scale Lily and Drew Blue

Growing up I spent a lot of time going back and forth between New Smyrna and the Orlando area. In between these two places is a wonderful oasis, and one of my wife's favorite spots to be "buoyant and cool" while she was pregnant with Scale Lily. Sadly, this was Lily's first time back to the park, outside of the womb. We made the drive often when we lived in New Smyrna, but the move to Panasoffkee put us so far away. It was about a 30 to 40 minute drive by way of I-4, coming f

Torpedoes and Submarines

Thursday and Friday this week saw me getting a few hits but closing the deal on nothing. My little brother took six bass the other day on a spinner bait, while me, Rich and Brian went home empty handed. Today I watched him catch panfish on a Rooster Tail and I tied one on a light rod but I held to a shaky most the way out on Econ today. It was hard to stand my ground with this as I watched him catch some very nice pan fish, but it was slow, even for him today, so I kept throw

Can you drop the kids off at school?

Sure, but I'm going to take a camera, and stop at every point of interests along the way. I may even get lost, and discover something new, but there are far too many letters in the alphabet to only spell the words with A and B. I talked to some people taking a swim with their dogs. They said they loved it here because there were no snakes or alligators. "I find that rather impossible to believe, and in fact, I always assume there is." I walked over to the back water, about a

Bass Candy

It started with a little fish like this. Baannaannahhnnaannahhh! I discovered lures at an early age, and rarely used live bait in freshwater, especially for bass. There was always a cast net at the house though, mostly for catching mullet, menhaden and other salt water bait. It's nice to have kids though, because you get the opportunity to go back to your roots. There's hardly a better live bait than the wild shiner pictured above. Bass, gar, pickerel and host of other freshw

The Mountain of Me

“We are not heard for our many words, but for the cry of our hearts.” ― John F. MacArthur Jr., Alone With God Climbing over the mountain, the mountain that was white I now find myself in the land of reality So I cast a pebble on the pond, the sacred pond And though my reflection is now disturbed I feel better now, though this may sound absurd But you don't have to tell me that she's already out there And I will be forever in her care You don't have to tell me that she's alrea

There Are Fungus Among Us

I've been wanting to post this for a while, but could not find the name of the fungus, in the picture, until someone on Facebook helped me out today. Thank you, photographer Kim. "And a great star fell from heaven burning like a torch", - Rev 8:10 These little stars puzzled me for days. Did they fall from somewhere above? Is this what happens when one of those galactic balls of fire finally burns out? Apparently not, according to Kim and Wikipedia, they are what you would cal