Rats and Flats

I was finally able to drag Drew into some back water, and she caught her first flounder. It was a beautiful day, but the water was extremely high following the hurricanes and I could not catch anything in the cast net. After several failed attempts at bait, Drew asked me to tie her on an artificial, and we caught 7 reds and 5 flounder working a 1/16 ounce jig head with a Berkley Gulp Shrimp. This place is like home to me, and I have fished here and the surrounding waters for

South Central Style

It's been a great week off from work... Today was the last day so I decided to get up before light and find some water. There was a pull towards the coast, but I opted out of the wind and stayed in Orlando. I have been hitting some of the down town lakes where I use to walk the shore line as a kid. I love my kayak, because after throwing it on the C-Tug and taking a short walk across the field, I was in Lake Highland and headed to parts of the lake I could not reach before. I

The Other Half

We finally got back to the Econ, and and I finally kept my promise to paddle the second half of the trail. I prefer the cooler time of the year for such expeditions, so we didn't camp out, and we brought what I thought was good supply of water, but it didn't last the 11 miles. Our entry point was at Snow Hill Road, so we drove to the extraction point, dropped off my wife's car, and she road with us to Snow Hill, then drove my car back to swap with hers. Lily and I hit the wat