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War Woman

Warwoman Creek always held a special place for me, and I would go there often after moving to the area. It was one of the creeks in this area that held not just Rainbows, but also Browns and the occasional native Speck. A beautiful place to wade fish, hike and camp.

Our grandmother almost bought a place bordering the creek back in the 1980’s, but I imagine it would price way out of my range today, by about 4 times or so. This has become an issue for the people who are local to here as well. The nurse who was doing homecare with my mom, while she is rehabbing her shoulder, said it was getting harder and harder to find affordable rent there. This has happened in a lot of places, and I am not sure what the best overall answer is, every good macro solution must be based on an understanding of many micro influences. I’ve had to leave areas where I grew up in order to find more affordable housing as well; it happens so quickly.

Sarah’s Creek

Sarah’s Creek is another good camping area that can be accessed from Warwoman Road. There are a lot of rainbows in here, but if you are willing to walk upstream and make some tight cast around the rhododendron, you might find some natives. The native trout are small but really pretty, especially in the Fall.

Ford at Sarah's Creek

Bull Sluice

Bull Sluice is on or rather in the Chattooga River. It is a popular place in the summer with several white-water rafting outfitters nearby. We use to swim at the Sluice when we were young, but it looks like that is no longer allowed, yet there is still a beach prior to the Sluice where you can get wet.


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