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Can you drop the kids off at school?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Sure, but I'm going to take a camera, and stop at every point of interests along the way. I may even get lost, and discover something new, but there are far too many letters in the alphabet to only spell the words with A and B.


I talked to some people taking a swim with their dogs. They said they loved it here because there were no snakes or alligators. "I find that rather impossible to believe, and in fact, I always assume there is." I walked over to the back water, about a hundred yards away, and found this beautiful little fellow. He's probably trying to avoid the larger of his species also.

I would go in the swimming area too but with my eyes open, and not just for myself but for others swimming there too. Dogs would be a reason for me to stay out of the water though; they tend to act like gator attractant. 


Stopped to rescue a turtle on North Street, then let him go. The poor terrapins, always wanting to move from this canal to the pond on the other side of the road. They seem to have a strong sense of water, but are ill equipped to deal with cars. Tucking into your shell doesn't help much.


Then I saw a sign for Seminole Trail Head. This is one of those places frequented by bikers and roller bladders. It is a wonderful place to walk, with plenty of mature shade trees. It is also part of the black bear corridor. If only people  could learn to leave them alone. I also found some pretty sections of Little Wekiva, and man the water has really come up with all this rain.


Not sure if they were breeding, fighting or preying, but there were several wasps that kept piling up on each other.  There were hundreds of these mounds in the area with lots of little wasp hovering above. Apparently there are many mound builders.


The woods seem to be frequented by suburban teenagers, as this cave drawing and the many empty beer cans suggest. I'm no anthropologist but I think it safe to say that the boys were not true malt connoisseurs. The Busch was in poor taste and leaving your cans all over the forest floor was in even poorer taste. I did however, enjoy the graffiti. While I was admiring the little dragon, a very large bird flew by. It was so quiet it had to be an owl. So I walked the way of the shadow.


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