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Torpedoes and Submarines

Thursday and Friday this week saw me getting a few hits but closing the deal on nothing. My little brother took six bass the other day on a spinner bait, while me, Rich and Brian went home empty handed. Today I watched him catch panfish on a Rooster Tail and I tied one on a light rod but I held to a shaky most the way out on Econ today. It was hard to stand my ground with this as I watched him catch some very nice pan fish, but it was slow, even for him today, so I kept throwing the shaky.

Rooster tails are awesome though, and there are a few places where I'd even throw them in a tournament. These bluegill and red bellies are begging for the grease and a pot of grits. I like white spinner baits out here and in John's Lake, but the red with copper blade was also good. You can kind of play it by the water clarity, but one of my favorites, especially when there are green bait fish like inland silversides, is a "frog bleeding". There were places in the mountains though that  I caught more on yellow or a Mepps with a simple buck tail and silver blade.

I love fishing creeks and rivers, and it is truly a reset around every corner. There is the chance that you will find a better spot, a group of crappie, some slow water holding redbellies, or tie in to a beast on topwater. I love it, the exercise, beauty and diversity, it is a loaded experience.


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