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South Central Style

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

It's been a great week off from work...

Today was the last day so I decided to get up before light and find some water. There was a pull towards the coast, but I opted out of the wind and stayed in Orlando. I have been hitting some of the down town lakes where I use to walk the shore line as a kid. I love my kayak, because after throwing it on the C-Tug and taking a short walk across the field, I was in Lake Highland and headed to parts of the lake I could not reach before. It was early and the third cast ended in a fight with a really strong three pound-er, but then I tangled all my lines and ended up cutting and retying three rods in the dark. What a waste of time. It didn't take long to find fish again though.

Well Spring has sprung and if they aren't bedding they may be willing to hit on some power method that hasn't produced much at other times of the year. I had some success with a lipless crank bait in Lake Ivanhoe so I decided to throw that and a spinner bait in here. No takers on the Rat L Trap, but I landed a few on the Spinner, and had on what was probably a personal best Spinner bait fish, but she actually broke the lure in half. I have never had one snap like that before, it was like getting the smaller half of the wish bone.

I took fish on a Booyah Spinner bait, Producto Tournament worm and Producto Hot Rod. Tournament was Tex posed and hot rod was Wacky. There is a lot of Eel grass in some of the down town lakes so go weedless or hunt the edge with a Trap.

Lily wanted to practice shooting some, and there was a fish she couldn't quite make out, so she handed me the bow. That was a mistake, because I broke her only arrow. Luckily it was just the Nock, so later that day we picked up a bag and the archery guy at Bass Pro hooked us up with some free 2 part epoxy. 24 hours later and it was good as new.

I also did a trip with Rich on Wekiva. We fought the wind and current and I took two fish, one on top with a Producto Buzz shad and the other punching a stick bait into some dread lock looking stuff. Rich got the bigger fish, weighing in at just over 4 pounds.


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