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Vacant is a Fuller Experience

This is the second time I have seen a gator feeding on another gator in here, and this is the second spot we found to hold babies. At first we thought this larger gator was a male that was trying to eat her babies, and then killed her when she defended, but I went back there today and was met by an angry smaller gator as soon as the babies started squawking. It really didn't seem to help that Drew was making the same noises from the car.


Drew and I have taken a couple of trips to the Apopka nature drive recently, and I don't know what happened to the audio on my phone, but there is a baby gator that looks like he came from a hatch earlier in the year along with several newbies. A fantastic place, some of the pics are from afternoon and some from a morning visit on the 10th.

Above are pictures of a Black Racer I found at work, and I haven't been bass fishing much lately but below is a pic of the soul bass I took last night with Lily. The Shaky head bite I had previously has slowed way down so I tried a Bitter's Ribbon in 10, had a couple of shorts or drops, so I shortened it to a 7 and this guy came just a couple casts later. It's really hard to say what made a difference for sure. We were there really early. I actually like to throw top water a lot this time of year, spinners, cranks and ribbon tails till it gets cooler. The redfish, snook and flounder have been on my mind a lot lately though, it must be that time of year. The weather is getting nice, so God bless and go fish.


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