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Tortoise de Ponce

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

I asked the tortoise how he came to afford beach front real-estate.

He said, "It was simple; I did not ask for much, and I built my own home. I learned to eat what others did not care for, and room with someone who others did not want around.  He kept out the rats and the fear of his fangs and shaking of his tail would stop most would be intruders. I myself, walk the earth unassuming and nonthreatening.

So as long as there is open ground, then I shall have a home, and as long as it is here, then I shall enjoy the music of the waves and rising of the sun upon the dunes.

This was a beautiful gopher tortoise that we saw grazing at Ponce Inlet. His color was a little different then the tortoises where I live, who appear more gray at that size. A beautiful day though and I was happy that we got to see  him on the way out. Both sides of Ponce Inlet have parks, and on the South side there is really nice boardwalk through the dunes. Yesterday, we went to the Daytona side, which is also quite nice, with a fishing pier on the jetty and a wonderful light house in the back drop.  I recommend both parks; they are a nice break from the concrete and high rise buildings that have taken over most of the nearby landscape.


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