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So I went on a ride today with the Dorks of Seminole County, looking for snakes with a milkshake bounty...

I handed Lily my phone to take a pic of an alligator, and realized there was some bonus footage of the dorks when I went to upload. They are crazy and a lot of fun, but alligators must not hear high pitch or maybe they associate  it with food. Whatever auditory abilities they do possess the girls were not able to scare them off.


No one found a snake so no one won a shake, but  check out the baby gators. I think I deserve a chocolate and peanut butter shake after that find; they were gorgeous and I was very tempted to pick one up, but mama was right there and she had her hands full with a much larger male, who had a taste for his own kind.  I actually found one of the reddest Nerodia fasciata I have ever seen, but that was in a ditch by the house. He got away before I could catch him. The gators were at the North Shore Apopka nature drive.

I was trying to be all stealth and catch this baby soft-shell, only to realize that he was someone else's prior kill. It was probably a bird that got him, but pretty shell. What a great place to take a drive though and rumor has it that the lake is 40% better in regards to pollution and clarity from when they started the restoration. It definitely supports a strong gator population.


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