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The Hardest Lesson

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Pay attention young larvae, the Water Beetle said Because nymphs that don't listen, will all end up dead There is danger in the water and danger overhead Watch out for the Newt and the mighty Axolotl There is one Hellbender left, but he's the last of that model Never the less, stay clear of his den by the old sunken bottle There will be bluegill, red bellies, and Killifish galore Traveling in packs like shoppers through a store Looking for young dragonflies that they can make no more If you make it through this gauntlet and the molting comes upon you Your thoughts will turn towards heaven, and wings will spread out true But the danger is not over; its waiting in the blue Look now above the water, observe the mastery of flight So beautiful but deadly, your enemy the Kite Will taunt you to come play with him, but you will lose that fight And if your wise and make it, back to waters clear Be careful of the jumping fish, it is the Bass that you must fear And over by the Lily pads the Bullfrogs always near Oh, and be careful of the Water beetle, he loves to shop this store With those words he grabbed a dragon, and made the nymph no more

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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