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The Emperor's New Clothes

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Walk away, water way, it's flowing, float away Walked up to where they said, this would be the source Safe they said to drink from here, before it runs it's course But as I sip I wonder, what is the sources source Just drink, the old men say to me, let others take that quest But each one answered differently, so who has answered best One had a picture in his head, of what he thought to find When what he found did not conform, he had to change his mind Another saw but could not see, what would not fit his frame And so he fell back on his thoughts to make his final claim Still one more went on tv, and that one most we heard So for a time I was content, that his was the final word

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Girls, I ask that you never stop questioning, and know that parent only means guide. There is no man or woman among us, who is the final authority on all things. It is okay to respond that you do not know, but you should never stop looking. Sometimes people shout with confidence that they are dressed in truth and reason, but often you will come to find that the emperor is truly naked. The people following him are silent or afraid. Nevertheless, do not judge anyone as less for what they believe, but tell the truth respectfully. No one made themselves so no one has the right of arrogance, the right to bully, or the right to belittle. The hardest thing will be to find forgiveness and love for those who treat you in such a manner. Tell the truth, and make the truth a simple matter, by doing what is right from the start.


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