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The Economy of Bass and Scales

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Back at the Little Econ, but this time with my oldest daughter and a canoe. We launched at 419 and took the first leg of it, which is about eight miles and ends at Snow Hill Road. This time I had my wife drop us off and then called for a pick up as we approached the foot bridge. I figured that would give them about 40 minutes drive time and enough time for me to paddle the rest of the way to Snow Hill. It was one of those trips when you were fighting the falling sun, partly because I forgot the paddle and we had to turn around and go home, and partly because you can't just paddle through. No way, there are fish in here, and I have to catch a few of them. I never understood people who go to the beach to lay out either, there are fish in there too.


My best today was a 5 pounder and it came on an Academy H2O popper in a frog pattern. This took all of our bass today and Lily took it away from me so she could start using it. Top water is always fun, but I love it in rivers and there were just too many dead falls that looked amazing.

This is a beautiful stretch of Florida river and I think we may do the other section soon, but camp it so there is more time to fish. The other run is from our pick up point at Snow Hill Road and ends on the St. John's River at S.R. 46. This is about 11 miles long. We put in just after 1 pm and it took us till almost 6 o]clock to reach our 8 mile pick up point. This included fishing and a shore lunch though, but it was dark when we got to the Snow Hill bridge.


The red bellies and bluegill in here can be aggressive and this one took a small clothespin spinner I use for Crappie, sometimes you run in to those in here too. I usually bring some Rooster tails in white and managed some on that today too, but the star was that H2O popper, what a blast.


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