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Straight out of the Burrow

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Hillsborough that is. We checked out Hillsborough River State Park the other day, on our way to see the girl's Nanas. I was trying to keep the hike under two hours so we wouldn't be late, but this is a very nice park that I would definitely like to paddle at a future date. The sign for one of the trails stated rapids and for Florida this is about as fast as you will see water move. The trails are very nice and well kept. There was an abundance of interesting features including large, old growth cypress and limestone protruding from the water.

The water was very tannin rich and that made it difficult to see what sort of fish might be about. We checked some of the quieter pools and feeder streams for Banded and Brown water snakes, but did not see any. The only snakes we saw were two Black Racers, and about 50 dead snakes on the trip there. The slower moving snakes don't fare to well down here. Everyone is in a hurry to get through and past nature as fast as they can. 

Lily spotted the strangest thing on the trail, and it looks like a moth that was attacked by a fungus. I remember reading something about this so when they get back we will have to look it up. Great find!

This place is also a hangout for the notorious Armadillos. They traveled in groups out here, and they spook if they notice anything out of the ordinary, but their powers of perception are low. I could get right behind them and if the wind was right they would walk towards you. Once they realize you are there, they spaz and run for cover. Very cute creatures, Drew hopes to see their South American counterpart, the Pink Fairy Armadillo someday.

This place has a lot to offer. There is paddling, camping, hiking, and if your staying there, a really large pool. This would be great to cool off in after a long hike. There was a sign at the river saying closed to swimming, which may have been because of the high water levels and current, but I would prefer that over chlorinated water any day. It was six bucks to get in and worth every penny. We saw a very limited portion of it and it looks like a great place to herp. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes the out doors, or needs to learn to like it. How can you not like the outdoors?


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