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Running With Lily

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The early bird doesn't just get breakfast around here; he also gets refreshed. The last two times we tried to get in to Rock Springs at Kelly Park, we were turned away due to capacity. This time we left the comforts of bed and the company of many pillows, while it was still dark outside. It is my favorite of the springs near us and a beautiful park. Lily chose it to do her photography project and Power Point for school, so most of these pics were hers and I will note that with the Scale Lily tag.​

Her assignment was pictures representing her day and the day also included an hour wait for the Park to open up.  So she took a picture of the bar where they rent the tubes and then pics along the fence line, where we were parked, waiting to get in.


It's nice being the first people to the island and the water. The water is very clear and we noticed a large snapping turtle trying to flee the swimming area before it was over run. Lily jumped in and swam after him, getting some pretty cool under water shots. He was a mossy old guy, but beautiful and when my Scales approached, he stopped walking and held his ground. This wasn't the first time we were inspired but such a prehistoric looking water dragon.

The water is so cold at first touch. Even in the morning, the ambient temperature is pushing the upper 80's and that is without factoring in the humidity. It makes the water feel that much colder, but then you acclimate and don't want to get out. It is truly refreshing.


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