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Rock Springs at Kelly Park

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

As you swim down the little lazy river, you will notice on your left….

Kelly Park has been one of my favorite swimming holes since I was a child. I use to go to Camp Joy, which is right up the road, and canoe the Wekiva River as a young lad growing up in Central Florida. The Wekiva has stayed fairly clean compared to some of the other water ways I grew up fishing on the coast. This area is located in Apopka and not far from Wekiwa Springs. Both Springs are nice and offer the opportunity to hunt shark's teeth, which I lost three the girls found today and am still hearing about. I have been informed that the statute of limitations on my failure will run when I take them back to the spring.

These pictures are obviously at the head of the spring where you get in to make the run. The water is beautiful and makes me wish I had a Go pro. We had a Soft-shell turtle, some other sort of terrapin, bass, bluegill, carp and some nice wild shiners.


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