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Producto Underhill

Not the best fishing day, 16 mile per hour winds and clear blue skies, but I can't wait to try out my new Yak....

I built  an anchor Trolley for it the night before and a winch system using 2 old deer skinning gantries that consist of 4 pulleys. This makes loading and unloading at the house an easy one man operation. Back to water though, and I chose Lake Underhill, because I heard there use to be decent fishing there, but it was over pressured now. Maybe, but still worth a shot, so I loaded up the kayak and headed to the lake.

Even though the conditions weren't the best for bass, I did manage 2 misses and a decent chunk on one of my go to lures, Producto Tournament worms.

We also did a trip to Turnbull the week before and poor Lily lost a good redfish. Every time he saw the boat he took drag, and she got impatient and grabbed the line. Oh well, we will go again and part of fishing is disappointment, it builds character. 


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