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pollywog Barbie

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

We had one fully developed frog get out of the Barbie pool and apparently start drying out on the porch. He was still moving a little so I threw back in the pool to clean the porch dust off him and he did not make it. The tadpoles went cannibal and made a meal out of the little guy. I remember a friend telling me of the same problem when he had dart frogs. I never pursued breeding them, but they are gorgeous animals to keep. It is difficult to raise the young of certain types because they actually eat an unfertilized egg that the mom lays periodically for them. She will also carry them on her back to get to different pools during their development.

First pictures of the tadpoles.

Eight days in to the adventures of tadpole farming.

Found a few who jumped out of the pool and into this jar.


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