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Physics Day?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I work for the theme park industry and there is actually a lot of science and technology hiding underneath the screams and laughter of our guests. It is beneath the facade of an English village or a 3D city, where spider man rescues you as many times over as the line of people allows and the day is long. There are lights, projectors, sensors, motors, magnetism and gravity. Busch Gardens also has animals and many at that, so I am really excited to be here. This is the girl's first field trip with FLVS, and the physics show was great. They used a sloth to demonstrate a body at rest. A break dancer showed us a body in motion and Mr. Justin was crazy talented. He spun on his head, and supported his body on one hand with his legs parallel to the floor.


I love Bush Gardens, and the rides are great, but don't ever think that is all that is there. It is well worth the trip just to walk the gardens with someone you care about and a camera so you can take pictures of the wonderful flora and fauna that is mingled throughout the park. Greeted by a Wallaby to start off your school day, how wonderful is that?


I think we were the first people to stop at the Kookaburra's enclosure, and so I made the noises as best I could remember and he flew over and gave us a song. Lovely animals, like Kingfishers on steroids and they were very vocal.


Great place for bird watchers and I didn't even make it in to one of the aviaries. Scarlet Ibis, Flamingos, Horn bills, some ducks and a strange yellow faced bird that were foreign to my knowledge, so I will have to do some investigating.


I can't think of a better way to end the day then grabbing a Grouper sandwich at Frenchy's. The original cafe was closed for renovations, so we walked over to the one on the beach. What an awesome place to enjoy a sandwich, 76 degree weather, December, staring at the water and eating smoked fish dip. I love it!


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