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Of Lizards & Young Ladies

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Cheese Grits - Why do they call you Drew Blue? Drew Blue - Because I like catching Blue Belly Swifts. Cheese Grits - I thought you were afraid of them? Drew Blue - Only the big ones and that was a long time ago, daddy! It's a real fear until it bites you and it didn't hurt that bad. Cheese Grits - So it wasn't enough that I told you it would be ok? Drew Blue - You're crazy! Cheese Grits - Well that's your opinion.

My youngest child has always been a bit timid and introductions to new things have gone rather slow at times. Some things took many starts from scratch like we were exploring or learning it again for the "first time". She has  come a long way though and has stood up to the plate on more than one occasion so as not to be deprived of an experience. One special thing we did together was go to the reptile shows. My favorite being the Daytona Breeder's Expo and Fire, here in Orlando. 

These are great places for kid's to be exposed to animals that often can't be found in zoos. The dealers are usually very helpful and passionate about what they do, often providing some hands on for the kids. Unfortunately, like the flea market though, some are just there to sell, and they will say whatever it takes to hook you up with that nightmare you didn't need. That said, I enjoy it more than the local zoos. They have snakes, dragons, geckos, poison frogs, and even tarantulas; yes, there is something for everyone.

"I wanna be brave," she said, holding her hands out for the baby ball python.  "Oh God,' I thought, 'please don't let her throw it on the floor. I don't have that much cash on me." "Oh dad, he's just a baby, are you proud of me?" "Of course I am, ….always."


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