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Nighthawk or Street Hawk?

This is the best of my bad pictures of this, but I have some great excuses for that if anyone is interested. Since I am moving soon I decided to come home from work the back way. It was raining off and on, and you could see some amazing thunderstorms in the distance. All I had was the camera on my phone, and as phage would have it I needed something with a zoom. I came upon a Nighthawk, lying on the damp, clay road. When I got out of the car, to get a little closer, he took off. At first, I thought he was injured, but as I drove off  I came upon another that was laid out with his wings spread and touching the ground. He also flew off when I tried to walk over to him, but I could see another on the ground a little ways off, so I approached and took a picture from the car.  I have always seen these flying and they seem to look a great deal like Whippoorwills, but I looked it up on the net to be a little more certain. Still, the behavior was interesting because it was raining and it doesn't seem like wet clay would be the best thing for your wings, but if anyone knows the why, then please share.


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