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Lenny the Blenny

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

"Blenny is a common name for a type of fish. The term is ambiguous, having been applied to several families of perciform marine, brackish, and some freshwater fish sharing similar morphology and behaviour. " - Wikipedia

But sometimes you go fishing, and make friends instead I guess it just depends One time at Sebastian, I was fishing from the boulders Using crabs for bait, hooked through the shoulders But the crabs weren't coming easy and something kept taking them I'm done feeding this fish; it's time to start braking him So I searched through my box, and I found a smaller hook The girls caught a smaller crab and said, "let's go get this crook" We crossed over the rocks and headed to his lair I tossed the crab to him, and he took the dare So I lifted him out and laid him down at my feet This strange little fish; I did not expect to meet "What are you?" I asked, and what's worse, he answered me He said, "I'm a fish called a Blenny, and my name is Lenny" Lenny kept on talking and what a nice guy He told us his life story starting from a fry But then Lenny stopped talking and said he felt dry So we took Lenny to Dennys for water, while we ate some pie But this wasn't enough because Lenny needed full immersion Sow we got to go boxes and put our desserts in We headed back to the river, which was now at lowest tide Played hide and seek with Lenny, and man could he hide He blended in with the rocks, a true master of disguise And how could anyone resist those big goggle eyes So the girls and I decided we would take Lenny home We just had to tell their mom, who we found playing on the phone "Playing video games,' I said, 'we thought you were sleeping Anyway, this is our new friend, Lenny, that we're keeping" "No you're not,' she said, 'you gave away your last tank I'm not buying you another one, there's no money in the bank" "You don't love me,' I said, 'you just like being mean" She said, "You sound just like Drew. I'm going back to Final Fantasy 14" I headed back to the water to tell Lenny goodbye Drew shed some tears while Lily flat out cried Anyone who reads this can see my wife committed quite the crime So its goodbye for now dear Lenny, but maybe not next time Meagan rolled her eyes and said, "come on, lets go" I placed Lenny in the river; I had to let him go

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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