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Last Weeks of Clermont

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

As it gets closer to time to move, I have been encouraging the girls to get outside and enjoy the things they can see here and the possibility of things they have not seen yet. But it is summer and camp is the around the corner; Lily has already been packed for days. She agreed to a walk around the lake with me yesterday, and upon our arrival it was noted that we should have brought a rod and reel. The bass were clearing the water trying to get dragonflies, and I must admit I felt a bit naked without my gear. I love it when they are receptive to top water and this usually marks such occasions. But alas, we brought a dip net, and so with the mocking chorus of jumping fish playing in the back ground, we explored the shore.

A rabbit took the path he knew we would not follow. A little further up, Lily found a new caterpillar. He is fond of the passion vine like her last, but I am not sure what sort of butterfly or moth he will become. Very interesting, and quite glossy he is, with well defined spikes of hair. She calls him Pumpkin. I was a bit concerned when she picked him up, but she told me it was not poisonous. I was relieved, but asked her how she knew this, and she replied, "because I've picked one up before." That may be a sure way to find out if something is venomous or poisonous, but I'd prefer she use the course of identification first.


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