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It's 8:30...

Yes, girls fish too, but only the coolest ones. I was deep into that REM sleep, counting hook sets and big girls, when a knock came to my door. "What time is it," I asked? "Eight thirty three," my wife said. Oh no, I promised the little girl next door that we would take the canoe out and catch some bass - at 8:30- she was right on time. So me and Drew wiped the dust from our eyes, I splashed some water on my face and we headed for the lake.

It was super foggy and calm. I had fished another lake on Thursday, and it is a spot known for its power fishing approaches, but not that day, and I took one on a spinner in 3 hours of trying. Yesterday I paddled around our lake and tried the power approach for a bit but to no avail. I decided to grab a stick bait and wacky rig it; that led to eight fish in about an hour's time. The other method, that looked promising on this slow bite, was pitching the weeds but I broke off the tip of my Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 in the pads shortly after. Drew broke my other Abu, I use for crank baits, on a back cast today. Too bad, because I really like the feel of these rods. It was an expensive weekend, but the girls had a fun time, and once we slowed things down, the bite was on.

They look so sweet here, I know, but don't be fooled, these are two focused and ruthless competitors. There was so much trash talk going on, that it was like being out with my buddies. Drew jumped ahead with 3 fish, but Tyla refused to give up, even though I begged and pleaded for lack of coffee. I just need one fish Calvin, and then Drew reminded her that she had 3. It was more than Tyla could accept, and I told her the big fish wins, so you still have a chance for that. We pulled into another cove that you can't reach from shore, and both the girls cast deep into it. Drew was reeling her bait in for a recast when a fish tried to take it on top, she missed, but then Tyla's rod bent way down and she started screaming. The screaming actually lasted all the way back to the ramp, and she tried to hand the rod of several times during the fight, but I kept telling her no, and even though she passed under the canoe, mercilessly bent the rod and jumped for her life, Tyla still got her in. I weighed the beast, and she hit 4 pounds, it also looked like she was post spawn. What a beautiful fish, and a very persistent little girl. She said this was one of the best days ever, and I am sure she will say that a lot of times, but at least I got to be there for her bass day.


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