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For the Birds

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Before you say I'm crazy, I have pictures that will tell Don't call me chicken little, as I go to ring the bell The images are frightening, the attacks are all too real I'm afraid to go outside now, lest I become their meal And so I beg my mother, don't make me go to school today Of course she will not listen, and so I'm on my way I approach the campus listening, to the sound of many birds The whistling and chirping, I can't quite put in words But I'm sure that they are plotting, and planning something big Whatever they are up to; it has to do with twigs My class mates are oblivious and walk beneath the trees I stay out in the open, where they can't sneak up on me I've heard stories of my uncle attacked by ducks and geese My father bombed by black birds, just walking down the streets His car was one day covered by Anhingas on the raid I guess we fished their lake that day, and that's the price we paid I see it more and more now, from birds of every type But no one likes my stories, they say its all just hype

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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