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Fallen Trees and Scaredy Cats

"I won't let her win the war..."

"Oh, look at that log,' she said. 'Let's walk across it and see the other side." "No,' her little sister cried. 'There's snakes in that water, in the car is where I'll hide." "Drew, I don't see any snakes," I say.  "I saw a deadly moccasin and I'm not getting out. I'm telling mom, so bet on that." "Drew, of that I have no doubt." "All right, Lily, I will cross it first and make sure all is safe." "One last chance, Drewmatik,  come or be left the lonely waif." "No way Dad, I'm fine right here, but stay where I can see you." So we crossed the log and survived somehow, under the watchful eye of Drew.

And true to her word she found a snake, but closer to the car. A cottonmouth, of quite good size, Drew is our Hawk eyed star. But for her this just substantiates, her fear of all outdoors. And though she won this battle here, I won't let her win the war.

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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