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Clay Motion

I am drawn to dirt roads and the potential of not only where they go but what I might

find on them. This started out as a trip to fish a lake my buddy saw on Google Earth. We loaded up the rods and followed the maps to meet him a little ways south  of where I live. It was a beautiful day, but like so many summer afternoons in Florida, the sky was promising rain. The lake ended up being fenced in with a gate, and so we pulled up the map again. There was another lake at the end of another dirt road, and so we drove. We saw Sand Hill Cranes, Quail, and the red clay road was surrounded by beauty. I see the kind of woods and large tracts of land that would appeal to the Indigos. I still have not found one this year, this is another place to check. The sky opened up and the other lake was private access. The rain fell hard so I decided to show Matt the Preserve.  We waited out the heavy part of the storm, and checked for life around the sink hole. Many baby frogs and toads, a Banded Water Snake that I wish I would have had more light for. I'm not sure if its a limit of my camera or user error, but I don't seem to get good shots when it's cloudy. A beautiful day, and though it continued to be cloudy overhead and the rain kept falling, sometimes its nice to walk in the rain. Don't pass all the dirt roads. Take a few.


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