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Bored is a Choice

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

What the Crooked River Preserve has to cure boredom?!

Saturday, and the kids are growing tired of the computer, finally, but now it's coming; "I'm bored." So I suggest a nature walk , but its the heat of the day and since they don't really want to fish anyway I only grab the camera. Drew doesn't want to go because her friend showed up, so Lily and I head for Crooked River. The directions are attached to the URL in the name. It's about 1.7 miles of trails that runs along the river, south to the north end of Lake Louisa, and then through some scrub, sandhill type terrain. We were looking for a six lined race runner since I lost a lot of my past outdoor pics with our old computer. There are also gopher tortoises here, a variety of snakes, birds and other wildlife. It was the heat of the day though and I didn't see any gopher tortoises out of their burrows, but we did find our racers.

These are not Skinks like the one below, and when you see it up close you can tell the difference. Their skin is not as slick and glossy as the skink. The racers prefer the ground life and are super fast; we caught glimpses and heard the rustling of 50 of them but only got a few pics and Lily ate a lot of sand trying to catch them.

Sometimes you don't even realize how many places are so close by or how many of God's creatures you walk by unnoticed. A great little place though, and I a nice walk. 


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