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Black Hooded Beach

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I could truly live at this end of St. Petersburg, Florida. We took Gulf street south to the end, where there is a small beach with a little jetty peer. This looks out to an inlet of very calm, blue-green water. The first thing we noticed was a large flock of parrots. I have heard of Monks and Quakers in the area, but these turned out to be Black Hooded Parakeets or Nanday's. It is kind of surreal, watching them go about their business and squawking at each other. I have seen the green or Quaker Parrots in Port Orange and a few in Clear Water. All together we found 3 different groups of Nanday's spread out over several miles today. They are apparently like everyone else who visits the South; we can't get rid of them, but they are pretty and fun to watch.

Paula and Adele, thank you for having us today and for the second set of wheels; this is a big help. I know I am quiet around you guys, but I enjoyed listening to you and my wife today. It reminded me of the parrots, and I mean that in a good way. It is an interesting dynamic to watch four generations of women, from the same family, in the same room. I enjoyed it, but maybe next time I can get you all to come outside with me.


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