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Black as Day - Lily on Assignment

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

"It was very calm and let me take pictures of it. He was really dark, and rested his head perfectly on the grass. I think he was about 3 feet long."

Did you notice anything else about that experience? "Not really."

Were you scared? "No because I know it's a Black Racer."

How did you find this snake? "I was walking the dog, and I saw him by a bush. I had to run and get my camera."

These are great shots Lily. I love the inquisitive half smile. Have you ever ever caught one of these? "Yea, you know I have, I tailed one right in front of you."

Just answer the questions...


It's starting to occur to her more now that she has the camera she asked for, and she is going back to get it. Black Racers are common around here, but very beautiful, and we have eaten their dust on more than one occasion, trying to catch them. She did "tail" one in front of the house and spun the poor creature like he was on an amusement ride. He was trying to strike at her at the time, and no one wants to get bit, so Merry Go Round.

My neighbor told them I was an idiot for letting her pick up something that could kill her like that snake. She told him, "Its a Black Racer." He holds, like so many others, that the only good snake is a dead snake. I guess that's probably part of the reason that I don't see many Indigos anymore. My daughters ask before they pick up, and they kept his son's friend from picking up a Coral snake.

It's lazy and ignorant to assume that all snakes are dangerous, and it is wrong to kill things just because you're afraid. Take the time to learn, and teach your kids to ask questions before they touch things.


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