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Balm Boyette

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I went looking for Tone Loc, outside his home range Found some funky ferns in a place that felt strange But no cold Medina, as I move towards the scrubs Just little Sceloporus clinging to the shrubs I watch a few aprons, but its like life on the moon Except for the tracks of the Bobcats and coons Not one black and white, but its a beautiful day So don't cry for me, Argentina, I'll be back this way

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

I dropped the kids off for summer camp, and decided to take a little side trip, to a place called Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve. If you pronounce it with a fake Cajun accent; it sounds really cool. I wanted to do some herping and had passed through Green Swamp, but I thought it would be nice to check on something that might hold exotics. So I left St. Pete and headed over the Skyway bridge , to take the scenic route.

I took a picture looking back from the rest stop. Most rest stops I have been to aren't this cool. Well, off to the land of Tegu sightings.

It's not the best kept trail, so if you're squeamish I wouldn't recommend it. I think it would look a lot different during the winter and I would definitely like to see this place in the fall. Most of the issues were related to the constant summer rains and the resulting over growth and flooding. The only wildlife I noticed on this side were squirrels, birds, mosquitoes and some Race Runners. There were many Gopher tortoise burrows but everything seemed to be hiding from the late afternoon heat. Fortunately, I brought a lot of water.

No Tegus, but that is probably a good thing. They are very intelligent lizard, large and aggressive enough to have a negative impact on the indigenous species in the area.


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