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Appalachian Art with Howard Robinson

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

No, that's not Chuck Norris, it's Howard Robinson...

From the land of Ginseng, rolling hills, mountains and streams of clear water, came a man I met in Florida. Howard Robinson once told me that he came from the second largest state in the union, and so I pulled out an atlas and told him that West Virginia was not nearly so big as Texas. He said, "if you flattened it out, it would be bigger than Texas." He has always worked outside, and at 70 years, when most men are trying to find a place to stay warm, he is trying to plan a hunt for this fall. He always likes to tinker and has an eye for what something might be. The cane he has in the picture was a root he found in the ground while working. Howard doesn't need a cane, but he likes to make things from scratch. He brought the root home and told his wife, "look, a seahorse." She couldn't see it at first even though she is good artist in her own right. Howard took the root and helped the seahorse come out. It is his favorite cane, but he is an old horse trader at heart, so he won't put a price on it, but he'd know the right price if he heard it.


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