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The Accidental Herper

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The lakes keep on giving, but I still haven't found a bass in here over 3 pounds. I may have to have a friend bring over a boat. There has been no lucky catfish hits from the dock, but I find it really hard to believe that there's no catfish, so I will have to get prehistoric with them at some point. The turtles were ridiculous today, and they killed almost every bit of live bait she through out. I happen to be a big fan of soft shell turtles though, and what they may lack by way of  flashy, colorful markings, they make up for with a unique pliable appearance. Their reach back is ridiculous though, so be careful where you place your hands when handling them.

Well imagine that, going fishing and catching a fish. This Bass was caught on bait Lily gathered in her minnow trap. She has been practicing her lip and release and I was very proud to see her gain control, then open up her Leatherman with the other hand. She removed the hook and sent the bass on his way. Well done. She found the Leatherman while looking for frogs one day and it was covered in and filled with nastiness, but I put it in the parts cleaner at work for an hour and wallah...hmmm shiny.

#fishing #snappingturtle #bass


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