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She Hulk

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

There is only one Scale Lily, and that's me - Scale Lily

It's moving day, and as I look around, I wonder, where did everybody go? I see my 11 year old daughter, a whole lot of furniture, and the how I really don't know "Are you ready? " I ask her. "Let's do it," she replies with a smile And as we head down the stairs, that one single flight, quickly turns in to a mile The hand truck is useful, but its killing my back; every step now taunting my age And as I look at my Lily at the end of the desk, something else has now taken the stage "Who are you?" I ask, as she lifts up her mattress and it carries it down the stairs on her head "It's just me," she replies and runs back up stairs, to take down the rest of her bed She brings me some water and tells me, "sit down and cool off, cuz you look overheated" I thank her a bunch and pride fills my ears, when she says, "don't worry, we'll beat it"  A few loads then more water, a few more then a breath One more trip up the stairs, nothing left The other half of our crew is just now showing up, and Lily is losing her green My She Hulk is tired and hungry I bet, so mama please get us protein She borrows strength from a bull and cools off with ice tea, as she readies for one final round And I can't help but wonder, as she turns green again, who is this girl that I found? She really stood up and stood out for the day, and it wasn't for candy or cash But for the love of her fans she calls mom and dad, and cries out to them, "Lily Smash!"

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

I have to say, I am still a little shocked at the way my daughter stood up on moving day. There is nothing inherently fun about lifting boxes and furniture, nor stairs for that matter. My knees and back were killing me, but my daughter kept the mood light and lifted things with me that most grown men complain about. It was a wretchedly hot summers day, much hotter than the fourth of July. It was the 30th for goodness sake. Lily hates chores; it is a fight to get her to clean her room, and when her heart is not in something, she will go so far as to feign narcolepsy. But that day was different and she didn't complain or negotiate. It was my pleasure, after all of this, to share with her my dinner and a movie tickets. Normally you would take your wife, but her and my youngest admitted to laughing about me and Scales getting stuck with the brunt of the work. Even when we got to the new place, it was Lily, who was the first to help me unload. I am very proud; family takes team work and my little girl realized what a lot of grown ups do not. She is learning that is not right to watch others struggle when you could help out, and bear part of that burden. Her contribution was huge that day, and gave me a lot of strength. Thanks Scale Lily, I love you.

She is the more shy and reserved of my children. I have to make her order her own food, and she, like a little Bruce Banner, is more socially withdrawn. It's not that she doesn't like people, but she struggles to find those with the same interest. Lily becomes bored rather quickly and will disappear quite suddenly when something can  no longer hold her interest. Her interests though, are broad and ever growing. When we go fishing, she is also collecting. She has a minnow trap in the water and is patrolling the shore with a dip net. When she returns she catches smaller fish, which she then cuts into steaks for catfish, gar and turtle bait. She is every bit as fascinated with the crayfish in  her net as the bass on her line. I hope she will continue to come out of her shell; she has a lot to share, if you just can keep up.


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