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Natty Again

I like to spend time on the tracks, looking for railroad artifacts Its the things that don't move out of the way That I come back to find the next day And there once was this Hobo from Hoboken If he was anything; it wasn't soft spoken He said the track ain't no place for no kids He told me move on, so I did But at night the snakes like to steal That last bit of heat from the steel So at dusk I had to return, because this is the way that I learn Oh look if it ain't Natty Gann, come back to my railroad again I said, you ain't that funny old man, and yes, I came back cuz I can And you think I don't know Natty Gann, it just so happens that I'm a big fan But Hobos don't ride rails no more, because the trains today move too fast And your little legs, they won't last, you'd just be chasing your past Hoboken stood up from his chair, and said, I still love the sounds that she makes The whistle I hear from afar, and the screeching that comes from the brakes So maybe I had been a bit harsh, because Hoboken was anything but fake So as we walked I learned the old ways, and he got to learn about snakes

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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