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Happy Easter...

"Dad, why does the Easter bunny lay eggs?" He doesn't, your mom sets them out. "Mommy lays eggs?" No, the chickens lay the eggs, mommy buys them from the store We paint them and she hides them, but there's more

"More eggs? I thought we got them all I like the plastic ones best of all Mommy fills them with the good stuff like candy, chocolate and art supplies" Agreed, she is very good like that, but Easter holds a greater prize

"Better than chocolate?" There is much more at stake than that A long, long time ago, our kind fell But a promise was made to pick us up

Over the years and through the pages it was described The One, He who could only drink this cup Man proved himself unable time and time again But it has not stopped him from thinking that he can

So this One, He was the only way He would be bruised it says in Genesis of old By His stripes we would be healed, as the prophet Isaiah told

This would happen on a Friday, they would kill Him, then set Him in a grave On the day He rose, you celebrate, by hunting plastic eggs And chocolate's great, I do agree, but what's better is that Jesus saves

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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