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Happy Birthday Scales, I love You Anyway

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

It was suppose to be a happy day, a day that only happens once in a life time for each year in its own time. This would be the 11th birthday of my eldest, my Scale Lily. She would receive the royal family treatment, the front seat in the car, presents, cake and her choice in dining out. It was to be a wonderful and happy day.

The girls both woke up excited, and Lily received her Xbox and a trip to Game Stop for accessories. We had breakfast at Panera, then hooked up her game station. She played with this and then announced her disappointment that it didn't come with everything she wanted. She, who usually shares everything, did not want to include her little sister, which led to fighting and name calling. My wife had tried so hard to make the day special for her, but now she just cried.

It is difficult to get children to that understanding of futile, and that their fighting and ungratefulness effects everyone around them. They are my children so I do feel that I owe them protection, food, clothing and shelter, but not video games, cameras or sushi. Those are things I want them to have because they are important to them, and because I love them, I make what's important to them important to me. The hard part in being a parent is that it is cliche, it is often that thankless job. They are far removed from what we put up with in order to earn a living for them, and to some extent should be, but I don't want them to grow up feeling owed anything beyond humane respect. I want them to respect and love everyone, including each other. 

We got to the restaurant early last night and noticed a lady running across the street, carrying a pair of crutches. She started using the crutches moments later at the approach of other people. When Fuji opened we came back, parked the car and were immediately greeted by this young woman's boyfriend. He said she was pregnant and they had just been evicted. The young man asked if I could help them, and so I said I would but directed to move back some first. He was too far in to my space, but he stepped back, so I pulled some money from my wallet and gave it to him. We went in and had an amazing dinner. The girls were no longer fighting and I was surrounded by sushi, what more could you ask?

The conversation at the table was stimulating. My youngest, a little concerned with my perceived lack of discernment, asked why I gave them the money? She pointed out the crutches that the woman did not need, and the strange behavior of the young man. "How do you know that the woman is pregnant? She doesn't look pregnant." 

Drew, my dear, you are in a situation quite similar theirs.

"I'm not pretending to be pregnant or lying about needing crutches. He probably doesn't even have a job because he doesn't want one and he's on drugs."

You seem to know a lot about their lives. I saw her faking with the crutches, but I have caught you in a lie before. You don't have a job, you fight with your sister constantly, your room is a mess, you both act ungrateful and disrespectful, yet I still feed you. 

"Why? If we're so bad and I am too young to get a job by the way." 

You could clean your room without me having to ask or stand over you to ensure it gets done, and the reason I feed you is because I love you. It has nothing to do with how good you are.

"So do you love bad people too?"

After the way you guys have acted today, you tell me whether I love bad people.

"I guess you kinda do, huh?"

I guess so.


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