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Fishing for Feelings" In the Land of Osceola

"You know, you could hang out with the other boys,' she stated. 'why do you choose to spend your days with me?" "Maybe I just feel sorry for you,' Hasse Ola replied, and wanting this conversation to go no further, he added,'are you going to talk or are we going to fish?" "Ive been fishing, Talisa replied,' I have 3 bull heads, and a gar in my basket, so when do you plan to start fishing?" "Crazy girl," he muttered as he tossed his line as close to the dead trees as he could manage. "You know what I think," Talisa asked? "No,' replied Hasse Ola,' but I am sure that won't be for long." "I don't think you feel sorry for me,' she said, 'I think you love me."

Fishing for answers and chasing cats in the land of Osceola Bull frog not loud enough that day, should have gone to Minneola The Sand Hill crane won't speak up, nor the crickets play their cellos But that girl keeps telling me, that I'm the luckiest of fellows And the fishing's way too slow today; there's too much time for talk We got here way too early; it's only 2 OClock And every time she catches one, she has to strut the dock I came here for my dinner, to catch Bass and whiskered ones She came to share her feelings, she came to have some fun And as the afternoon rolls on, Kissimmee stays too quiet But wait, what's this, a pickerel; I cut her off to fight it Saved by a fish, my heart, now safely off the hook But I still feel her smiling at me, and I'm afraid to even look

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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