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Bass Yourself This Question

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The answer is easy...

So I said the other day that I was going to turn a new leaf, and no longer look down upon the pond across the street. I told the girl's, who had asked so many times before, were going to the little lake to figure out the bass. No longer will they mock us from the safety of a place we held in low esteem because it was close to the house and not a destination. We were now grateful for this little gem, and Largemouth Bass were on notice. I was off the couch, rigging up some rods and ready for late afternoon action.

Oh, but wait, where are my fishing buddies? Neither one of them wants to go. They broke their new dip net and Drew's friends were outside, oh well, I'm still going. Lily is too tired, and Meagan is earning craft points on Final Fantasy 14. Well, a little solitude and the rhythm of a top water frog, is often the best meditation for a father of two little girls. I won't say I wasn't a little disappointed, but after I got there it was kind of nice to have the quiet - the sound of not fighting. So I cast out a frog, and immediately got a hit which I overreacted to, and yanked the frog out of the bass' mouth and almost into my own. The next time I made myself wait, but that was a little too long. Finally, I land one of these things and it's beautiful. 

I fish the frog a little more but with only one more wake and a small surge behind it. The very next cast to the same spot, I tangle up on the cover, and snap the line. My other rod has a white worm on it which gets absolutely no respect from the bass, so I switch to a plum colored worm, land two more fish, and miss two more bass. It was a nice day, and I tried it with a buddy and Lily the next afternoon and we could only catch the small fish. Go often, take a variety of offerings, and sometimes try the thing that seems unlikely. The water was very clear, but the natural colors didn't produce as many hits. They liked the plum that day, and white is usually a staple for me in the lakes near here, but they didn't even come in for a closer look. Plum crazy, I tell you.


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