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A Tale That Is Not

He lifted his hand, then brought it down - Slam I share a desk with him, the boy who sounds like bam And so I try to concentrate, but it isn't my forte I really need to focus now, so bam needs to go away "Could you please stop,' I say to him, 'that's really quite annoying But like all boys, he cannot hear, and goes on with destroying No quiet here, he smacked it down My train of thought, I have not found And so I ask him once again, "please stop, so I can study, friend" So he does it once again; this seems to have no end "I'm going to tell you one more time. Do not slam down your hand There will be consequences now; I hope you understand" He lifted high his hand again, then brought it crashing down But didn't find the desk this time, there was no crashing sound Instead somehow my pencil lead got stuck inside his palm And little Bam is screaming now, as I ask him to stay calm But its too late, the teacher hears, and is briskly on her way "Lilian, what have you done? What do you have to say?" I start to cry, but can't look at her, I want to run away "I have to call your mom and dad, and speak with them today" I tell my dad, "I'm sorry," but he doesn't answer me "I warned the boy,' I said, ' but he wouldn't let me be" "So you stabbed him in the hand, and you think that fits the crime?" "No, I wish I wouldn't have done it, but I can't go back in time" "Well then, you are grounded, and from this day Lilian no more I shall call you Stabby or Stabatha, until you learn to choose the other door"

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

I love the parents that deny their children's wrong doing, and claim their inherent good. I love them because Jesus tells me to, but I find it difficult to teach individual responsibility by denial. It creates a contradiction. Children do not need our help in justifying their actions; they develop this skill quite quickly on their own. Nevertheless, I hope that I have been calm enough, and though I'm still learning, consistent enough for them to know that they can come to me no matter the infraction. I hope they find in me a love without condition, and even when I let them reap the things they sow. 

My first conversations with Lily on this matter were difficult, because it was hard not to laugh. After she knew she was losing privileges, she tried to defend her position and redefine the infraction. "I did warn him, dad; I told him there would be consequences." It's funny, because she is a child who is all about justice, until she is in the wrong. She would fight another person over harming a rattle snake, and want them to go to jail, but she is also the same little girl who teased another girl till the girl's mother cried. I want her to stand up against the bullies, and protect those who are being picked on. I don't ever want to hear of my children being the bullies. They are my little sinners, and I love them all the same.


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