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A little Mini Magic

Lily decided to do a late night expedition with me and Brian Montgomery. Once she heard how I took 15 fish the night before, she felt the need to set me straight.  The bass above was the first of the night and a bit uncooperative. She actually took the first two, but instead of using her red bug, she went with a black with red flake due to some really dirty water.


Brian had the red bug color that Lily had been killing them with on her past two trips, but she looked over at me and said, "too bad that's not what they're wanting tonight." I think it would have worked later on when the trash and silt quit flooding into the area, but there was a long heavy rain before we got there and the water was really dirty so we opted for the black. I went with a jet black Creme worm and missed 2 right away then tagged one.

Black Creme Worm on EWG 4/0 and 1/4 ounce bullet.

Well Lily got tired, so after 2 fish and few misses, she was ready to go home. I had taken 2 on the Creme, 2 on an H2O Xpress Sexy Watermelon shad, and 1 on Lily's shaky head.


As usual I snagged the crank bait on the bottom and broke off, but above is the bluegill in that brand and below is the sexy melon. I picked the sexy because its a white bait with a subtle chartreuse line and there were a lot of bait fish loaded up at discharge.  If you want a good crank bait to throw in places like this, I do recommend them, because even though I am a huge fan of Spro, I can lose 3 of these for the price of 1 Little John.

Brian tried a few things and then switched over two Lily's black with red flake finesse. He picked up a city limit, including the kicker fish for the night.


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